Regarding Character-changing Events

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Regarding Character-changing Events

Post by Matt on Tue May 17, 2011 6:44 pm

A quick note from your friendly database ST:

Any time something occurs that could cause a permanent change to your sheet the STs need to be made aware. This could be anything from being the victim of a Gift (Whelp Body, Feral Lobotomy), sacrificing permanent tempers for one cause or another, rank challenges, etc...

The best way to take care of this if the occurrence is at game is simply to make sure one of is is there when it happens. This allows us to make sure the database is kept up-to-date and it prevents confusion down the line.

As a side-note, please also remember that we need to be made aware when you have a Rite of Accomplishment performed for you for record-keeping purposes.

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