Exhuming Near Benua House

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Exhuming Near Benua House

Post by ST Chris on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:13 pm

Hello Players, I would like to clear up any potential confusion.

The "dig site" is merely an area 14 feet by 14 feet near the house. By the time Sven uncovers any remains he is only 12 feet deep.

There is no large, gaping chasm, or mine shaft being opened under Benua House and the vast majority of the time, no more than 3 homid Garou will be able to get into the hole.

It is a standard Archaeological excavation, mundane in every way from execution to soil composition. There are some areas that are dug out less than others allowing for the ability to climb in and out. The only oddity in all of it is that there is a house very close to the digging and supports are placed to make sure the foundation does not crack from the pressure of the soil being released on it.
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