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Post by Tango on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:11 pm

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Known the nation as Scurries Between the World

Tango is a young adult in her late teens. Thin, unkempt and rather malnourished. She has short cropped hair and brown eyes. At first glance Tango looks like another young teen slipped through the cracks of the government. She wears oversized and old clothing. She seems to be clever but very unstable.

The result of the being abused by the system, Tango is very much a unstable and scared person. She is new to being a Garou and is very and rather terrified of what she is. She is not happy, she wants to get rid of this and she is not accepting of new life. She spent most of her adolescence growing up in foster homes and dealing with the chaos of never having a stable home. She has been on drug after drug some to deal with her body type (she is intersexed and was raised female, however she or he is fluid and will answer to both) others for her severe trauma the rest to escape from her hell. She has no idea what is in store for her. Or what to expect.

Or who she really is.


It has been three weeks since Tango has joined the sept. Much has changed the young Ragabash. Tango is gaining weight again. She is looking much more healthier than when she first arrived. She is more stable and calm now. Lately, Tango had a terrible run-in with the cliath Amanda Miller. Using some of her ragabash wiles she chucked the cliath during a sparing match Chione. While she missed and Chione defeated the brash cub, Amanda took it upon herself to fire her gun at the cub, while in submission. Thus started a chain reaction of events.

Tango has recovered from that assault and is becoming a clever and sweet nature garou. Much to her enthusiasm and excitement. Tango is invite to Vermont to spend Thanksgiving with the Defoe family, after befriending Lizzie Defoe while visiting Gaia's Gateways. She also has manage to repair or at least neutralize her relationship with the impulsive Strider, Josh.

Her relationship with Amanda is....well....we will see.


It has been three months now and Tango has officially become a member of the sept. A Bone Gnawer and a Cliath with a deed name, Tango feels now like a member of the Nation however there are still some growing pains.

Eager to join the pack Waste Not Want Not, she became too impatient and impulsive and sullied her chances with packing with the closest thing she had to family on the sept. Hurt and disappointed with herself she tried to learn from her mistakes and curb her over-enthusiasm to be part of the sept. She adores Chione and Asteria as well as admires Tom, and wants to be included with them. Eventually, Tango will seek balance with her feelings of want and what she needs to grow.

Currently Tango is seeking packship with "Crossing Bridges" who has Charlie Boynette a Silver Fang (as Alpha), Reflections of Shadows (her favorite lupus she would say) and Julia, her fellow cliath. She enjoys Reflections company muchly and seeks to impress Charlie or at least gain his approval. With Sebastian also seeking the same pack, she hopes to join them soon and is eager to work with them.

She is now 19 and growing closer to adulthood, she hopes that she will rank by summer time and be a member of a pack and continue to gain respect and most importantly, love from her new family. Fitting in, she is blasted by a wave of deja vu when two new cubs arrive during last Moot. Tango has taken a shine to the new ragabash Chuck and is wants to be the friend and older sister that Chione was to her. A feeling of pain of the first uneasy nights comes back to her and for a few days she has been having nightmares. She wonders what will happen as spring arrives and she will eventually visit her father.

Still have a lot of growing to do little one...


Tango is now challenging her rank of Fostern and it's not an easy quest. It's almost summer and Tango has earning her marks as a scout, trickster and interloper. Now packing with Crossing Bridges, Tango is learning about what it means to be in a pack, but her habit of doing things alone might catch up to her one day. Including now, with her father out of prison and their touching reunion. Tango learns that her beloved father is running with some seedy people. Whispers of Skin Dancers fill her ears as her suspicion grow. Know on the cusp of being a reliable member of the sept she is unsure what her path is leading know and is fearful of making a terrible choice.

Her relationships with her sept mates has changed. With her friendship strained with Chione, Tango has feel out of confidence with her and doesn't seek her cousule anymore. Her friendship with Julia is still present but mostly because of being packmates. She seeks companionship with a fellow Gnawer, Chuck who is also a cliath and like her, seems to be on the edge of sept. She is still in good relations with Reflection of Shadows and recently she is feeling lonely. With all her sept mates getting married and having kids, Tango...oddly feels left out.

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