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Post by Wrench on Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:41 pm

One was likely to hear the No Moon coming before they saw him. Normally having something in his hands - be it a circuit board, an old radio, a rubix cube, something - the tall mechanic certainly lived up to his name. While there may be streak of red or three in his hair, hints of what could have been Fianna breeding in his blood, the Child of Cockroach was a technophile through and through. He was a veritable spark plug of energy, ideas and thoughts bouncing along with his hyperactive motions. Which is why he normally has something in his hands - something to keep himself occupied.

Items of note: The giant wrench (about four feet long) that he often had strapped across his back while on the Sept, a bandoleer of tools across his chest, and his left forearm and palms are either wrapped in gauze or he wears gloves.

A two foot clockwork cockroach named Charlie that normally hides in the real world, but certainly doesn't shut the hell up when in the Umbra. Most certainly a Spirit.

His dress is varied, but he always has places for tools, and normally there are gears and cogs everywhere. Steampunk is a way of life, rather than a style for the Glass Walker.
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