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Post by Chain-Gang Chuck on Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:04 pm

Hickish, usually half drunk, very scarred, very, very, ugly and smells like burnt meat. No matter your rank be careful about addressing those to his face. He can be mean, meaner then ten pounds of pissed off hornets in a five pound bag. Surprisingly compassionate at times, completely cognizant about his place in the universe. Not that he can pronounce cognizant, or universe for that matter. Chuck personifies the contradiction of the true Hillbilly, distrustful of everyone one minute, open and generous the next. He'll saw your ear off with incomprehensible jargon for hours, and sit rapt as a school boy at the fireside while a good Galliard spins yarns. But don't mess with the 'family' or you'll make an enemy who'll never let it drop.
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