Gnarled Root "Sworn-in-Stone"

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Gnarled Root "Sworn-in-Stone" Empty Gnarled Root "Sworn-in-Stone"

Post by Gnarled Root on Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:02 pm

Name: Gnarled Root
Deed Name: Sworn-in-Stone
Titles: Guardian of the Sept of Whispered Oaths
Rank: Cliath
Sept: Sept of Whispered Oaths
Pack: Athena's Spear under Heron
Tribe: Fianna
Camp: Tuatha De Fionn
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun

Gnarled Root arrived at the Sept of Whispered Oaths in the Autumn of 2013.  Upon emerging from his right of passage victorious, he did as the wolves of his line had all done before him and set out into the wilderness to forge his own tale.

Upon his arrival to the Sept of Whispered Oaths, he was greeted by one of its Guardians, a Silver Fang Ragabash, Eyes-Wide-Open.  He immediately felt a kinship with the wolf and looked to him as a friend and confidant.  An invitation was offered by the Silver Fang and his Alpha to join their pack, Athena’s Spear, who was dedicated to Heron.  Seeing this as a noble gesture, Gnarled Root accepted.

Soon after making the Sept his home, he joined the ranks of the Guardians and began his ever vigilant patrols of the Caern.  The hulking wolf can be seen wandering its borders, sniffing out threats and dangers.  He does this with a fierce dedication.

When not roaming the lands, he is often hunting, splitting logs to fuel the fire near the Talesinger’s Stump, or lounging on the porch of Benua House.

Gnarled Root
Gnarled Root
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